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2017 Sunset Park Love Lunch Highlights

Your 2017 Sunset Park Love Lunch Leadership team wishes to thank everyone for their support through their prayers and donations of time, money, and food.  With your current and past support of this program we have been able to provide nutritious summer meals for our participating Ankeny children and their parents.  Participants have expressed their gratitude many times over at mealtimes. Check out the Ankeny Love Lunch Facebook site for menus, photos, and comments and the St. Anne’s Photo Gallery for photos.

Our program:

10-11:30:  For volunteers prep and cook the meal at AFUMC and pack for delivery

11:15-11:30:  One or two volunteers pick up and transport equipment and coolers

11:30-11:45: Five to seven volunteers clean shelter tables & set up for serving

11:45-12:15:  Serve the meal

12:15-12:45:  One to five student volunteers participate in activities with children

12:45-1:00:  Serve nutritious snack

1:00-1:30:  Return to AFUMC to clean up

For 2017

  • 1110 children’s meals served
  • 358 adult meals served
  • 1468 Total meals served
  • Meals served 35 days
  • 100 volunteers
  • 25 young people earning volunteer hours/Silver Cord/Scouts

For 2016

  • 1031 children’s meals served
  • 308 adult meals served
  • 1339 Total meals served


2017 New Weekly Activity:

The Barns ‘N Mobile traveling book mobile created and driven by Joy DeJong traveled around Ankeny so kids could keep reading all summer long.  She visited our Sunset Love Lunch site each Wednesday when children would run to check out books one week and return them the next. Joy has been teaching in the Ankeny District for more than 25 years and is currently at SE Elementary. If you’d like to donate books to her traveling library, contact her at  .



Submitted by Karen Bush 8/24/17

2017 Sunset Park Love Lunch Leadership Team:  Victor Anderson, Karen Bush, Sue Smith