Uncle Gus Memorial Crosses

Uncle Gus Memorial Crosses

You may have noticed the beautiful  Shadow Box Crosses in the Parish Hall. A St. Anne’s member has been  carving these Shadow Box Crosses as gifts for those who make contributions to the Uncle Gus Memorial.  Many of you may not know the story about Uncle Gus: Another St. Anne’s member’s Uncle Gus was dying of terminal cancer in Florida.  She asked the St. Anne’s carver to make a palm cross for Uncle Gus because she was flying to Florida to visit him.  When she gave it to him, he grasped it tightly and told her and his relatives that he would take the cross “in the cremation fire with him”,  He died a few weeks later and the cross became part of his ashes.  The memorial is named in Uncle Gus’ honor.

In Honor of “Uncle Gus”, you may elect to do one of the following:

  1. For Credit Cards, click on give online to contribute.  A $75 contribution receives a Shadow Box Cross gift from our St. Anne’s carver.  Please indicate “Uncle Gus Memorial”  in “ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RECIPIENT”.  Check the box at the bottom of the page to “SHARE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS WITH ST. ANNE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH”.
  1. For personal checks: Mail to St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 2110 West 1st Street, Ankeny, IA 50023, with a check memo line of “Uncle Gus Memorial”.

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